Babies and Pets – Can Babies Play with Dogs and Cats?

A lot of us have pets at home – mostly dogs and cats. Well, yes, there are also those that have other types of pets like snakes and lizards, but those pets are not as popular as dogs and cats. Maybe it’s because they’re not that cute – but of course, that’s just my opinion.

So, this time around, we’ll just talk about babies and pets – in the dog and cat categories.

A lot of pet owners have babies too. And if you are a dog lover or a cat lover, there’s no doubt about it that you trust your pets enough to have them around your children. But, is that good or bad?

Well, it can be good, and it can be bad. This will depend on the particular pet, the child, and the situation at hand.

Should Babies Play with Dogs

Should Babies Play with Your Dogs and Cats?

You will know if your pet dog or cat is tolerant with children. Well trained and well behaved pets are usually patient with babies and kids; so they are typically harmless.

Since babies are also typically harmless, there’s very little chance that they can exhaust a dog or a cat’s patience to make them aggressive. Now, it’s a little different with older kids as they can be mean to pets without intending to.

Another factor to consider is the situation itself. Animals are like people too, there are times when they are simply not in the mood to play games or to socialize with people – even children and the pet owners themselves. And at these times, it is only right to respect their feelings and let them be. Otherwise, they can be a bit aggressive.

Should Babies Play With Cats

Parental Guidance is Needed

Some situations that particularly need parental guidance include pet feeding time and sleeping time. Sleeping animals can get startled when they are suddenly awakened in this can lead to biting and scratching incidences.

Animals, when eating, can be aggressive too. So take precautionary measures around your pets if they are eating and you have children playing around. This holds true even for very friendly and mild-mannered pets. It simply is better to be safe than sorry.

Note too, that both children and pets should be trained to respect one another. The earlier you can start with the training, the better.

Cute Images of Babies and Dogs

How to Do it

So first of all, introduce babies and pets to make sure that they know that they belong to the same family. Reprimand pets who are showing aggressiveness to your children; and also reprimand them if they are too rough in playing with babies and kids.

It’s the same thing with children. They should be taught early on to be gentle with your pet dogs or cats. They shouldn’t hit them, bite them, or be mean to them.

Really, it all depends on the parents on how they train their pets – and their kids – when it comes to having a safe environment for children and pets.

Children and Pets

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

If you love your dogs, cats, and children, you would want them all to get along, don’t you? And this is possible, if you raise and train them right.

It is also highly recommended that pets and little children are not left alone as you wouldn’t be there to handle the situation if something happens. Remember, there’s such a thing as animal instinct; and they would defend themselves if they feel threatened. We don’t want to put our children’s safety in jeopardy, right?

I’m sure a lot of us would agree that family life can be a bit boring without pet dogs and cats. They complete the family – and it’s not just the same without them.

So, can babies play with dogs and cats? Most definitely, yes! J

Here are some cats/ dogs and babies videos.

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