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Should Kids Have Homework

Should Kids Have Homework?

When you were a kid, did you have homework? Most probably, yes. In fact, I am absolutely positively sure that you had to deal with homework as long as you went to school. There’s just no escaping it. But, you did turn out knowledgeable and educated, right? Homework – The Good, The Bad, and The […]

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Christmas Gifts for Kids

Is it Okay to Prank Children on Christmas Day?

These days, pranks have become very common – even with children. Just make a search at YouTube and you’ll find a lot of videos of parents recording their children’s reactions to pranks. There are a lot of videos with the title: I Gave My Kid a Terrible Christmas Present. And these are all trending and […]

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Should Children Have Phones

Should Kids Have Cell Phones?

In this day and age, should kids have cell phones? Hmmm… tough question, indeed, and there’s no right or wrong answer for this as this will depend on why you want to give your kid a cell phone. Also, it would depend on the kid’s age and level or maturity. Does he or she know […]

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Cute Images of Babies and Dogs

Babies and Pets – Can Babies Play with Dogs and Cats?

A lot of us have pets at home – mostly dogs and cats. Well, yes, there are also those that have other types of pets like snakes and lizards, but those pets are not as popular as dogs and cats. Maybe it’s because they’re not that cute – but of course, that’s just my opinion. […]

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