Is it Okay to Prank Children on Christmas Day?

These days, pranks have become very common – even with children. Just make a search at YouTube and you’ll find a lot of videos of parents recording their children’s reactions to pranks.

There are a lot of videos with the title: I Gave My Kid a Terrible Christmas Present. And these are all trending and highly rated.

Well, some of them are actually funny, to be fair.

But some are also sad and heartbreaking.

So, is it ok to prank children on Christmas Day?

Honestly, I don’t think so. And this holds especially true for very young children.

Is it Okay to Prank Children on Christmas Day

Why Make Children Sad on Christmas?

You see, Christmas is probably the most celebrated event of the year. For a child, this day is very VERY special. Sure, birthdays are very special too. But Christmas is a season of merry-making and gift giving, and every kid expects this day to be PERFECT.

Why ruin it?

Sure, it’s just a joke, and most adult can take jokes and just laugh it off.

But kids – they have little innocent hearts that easily get broken. I sincerely hope that it’s not their parents and loved ones who are responsible for their heartaches come Christmas day.

Come on people, let’s not make children cry, especially on Christmas day.

We all know how time flies nowadays; kids won’t stay young for a very long time. They’ll grow up and they’ll have to face a lot of problems up to adulthood.

Please, let’s all strive to make their childhood memories as pleasant as possible. It’s those happy moments from their past that will keep them sane when they go through life’s difficult situations when they become adults.

I Gave My Kid a Terrible Christmas Present

Be Fondly Remembered Every Year – Forever!

Christmas comes every year, obviously – and Christmas experiences and memories that stand out will surely be remembered year after year after year.

Surely, you would want to be remembered fondly every year by your children even if they already have their own families and you are no longer there with them. These loving pleasant memories will keep them loving you for the rest of their lives.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

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